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Frequently Asked Questions


I can't make tryouts! Can I still join?

Absolutely. We understand that people have other commitments that might clash with tryouts, while we encourage athletes to come to our main tryouts in July, if for any reason you can't make it, let us know by email: and we can make alternative arrangements. We believe that tryouts are not only a way for us to see you as an athlete and understand your skill level and work ethic, but also for you to experience how the team trains and decide if its the right place for you. 

Can I compete and coach on other cheerleading teams?

Of course! As long as you are able to attend training and there are no issues with crossing over at competition, then we are happy for you to do it.

Training more regularly is a great way to improve your skills faster! If you're the kind of athlete that wants to train every day, we want to encourage you to do that!

What does it mean to be a part of an Adult team?

There is a difference between how adults learn and how kids learn, being on an adult team means that you can be in a learning environment that's best suited to your learning experience.

Being an adult team means that we can also be completely inclusive in all of our socials and athletes tend to create strong friendship bonds with their team mates



When will Shogun train?

Shogun will be training on Wednesdays 7-9.30 and have additional monthly practices at talent central on Saturday mornings

What does developmental mean?

For Blackout Evolution, developmental doesn't mean recreational. This won't be a drop in and play around cheerleading team, we train hard and work a tried and tested set of progressions to gain skills. Developmental means that the focus of training will be on improving stunting ability, by both strengthening fundamentals and working through progressions. The team will be a mixed ability group with athletes from our level 6 team there to support the rest of the team and help them push their skills while simultaneously working hard themselves to improve their fundamentals.

Will Shogun compete?

Shogun will definitely be competing, competition is a great way to set targets and to motivate athletes to achieve their goals. 

What does level 3/4 mean?

Training will include stunts at level 3 and 4 depending on athletes skill level. Competition level will be determined by the level of the team as the season progresses. In some cases, they team may compete at level 3 and later upgrade to level 4 mid season. Regardless of the level, the skills taught will be both challenging and rewarding and push athletes at every ability range

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